Communications, Media and Technology

The communications and media industries are experiencing a rapid decline in traditional revenue sources, such as standalone voice services and print media.  Organisations are faced with disruptive technological and social change; fierce competition from local and international firms; new, stringent regulations (e.g. privacy); and increasing costs of acquiring and retaining customers.

Success in these conditions requires balancing sound management practices with the agility and innovation to acquire new customers and markets. This means:

  • Bundling products (e.g. internet, phone, mobile with digital television, or print media with digital subscriptions).
  • Introducing innovative pricing structures for new customer segments.
  • Rebranding/marketing to create personal relationships and loyalty (e.g. through social media).

Management must control costs while making strategic IT investments to optimise core processes and enhance overall product/service flexibility.

How we can help

The Litmus team can draw on its global media and telecommunications industry expertise, proven methodologies and intellectual property.  We have helped clients to: launch new offerings; understand how changes will affect their revenue and costs; develop agile business and operating models; plan and deliver enterprise and IT architectures; and ultimately compete more effectively in the market.

Our services include:

  • IT strategy, planning and optimisation
  • Product/service and market-entry strategies
  • New product operating models.
  • Change management and business transformation
  • Enterprise and IT architecture.
  • Business process re-engineering
  • Shared services design
  • Cost reduction
  • Asset management, maintenance and field service optimisation (the High Reliability Organisation).


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