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energy 3.0 – An Industry in Transformation

The electricity industry is one of the last to undergo the major transformation required to shift it into the digital economy. The political necessity of keeping electricity prices as low as possible led to severe under-investment in electrical infrastructure and sidelined important issues such as energy efficiency, the integration of renewable energy sources, and consumer tools to manage home energy use.

Today, all stakeholders realise that the electricity industry must change. It is facing massive disruption to its business model through the requirement to reduce its fossil fuel use and the rise of increasingly viable, technology-based solutions to grid power (such as distributed generation, smart grid devices and electric vehicles).

The development of the smart grid is essential to achieve goals for energy security, economic development and climate change mitigation. Smart grids enable increased demand response and energy efficiency, integration of variable renewable energy resources and electric vehicle recharging services, while reducing peak demand and stabilising the electricity system.

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