Litmus Group Accredited SFIA Partner


Litmus Group Accredited SFIA Partner

The Litmus Group is an accredited Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) Partner.

SFIA provides a common reference model for the identification and validation of the skills needed to enable a business through its ICT organisation and partners.

SFIA is a simple and logical framework consisting of areas of work on one axis and levels of skill and capability on the other. It uses a common language and a sensible, logical structure that can be adapted to the needs of a wide range of businesses - or simply used ‘off the shelf’.

SFIA enables employers of IT professionals to carry out a range of HR activities against a common frame of reference - including workforce planning, skills audit, planning future skill requirements, development programmes, standardisation of job titles and functions, and recruitment.

Our SFIA related services

IT Transformation
We work with IT organisations and their HR colleagues who are going through a transformational change to ensure that SFIA is embedded into the functional structure of IT and into its people management processes. This process reduces the risk of failure and facilitates a higher degree of staff engagement and buy in into the change,

IT Capability
Litmus works with HR and IT leaders to tailor the SFIA Framework to the specific needs of IT within the context of the business they support and enable. We deliver a Capability Framework incorporating the specific skills and skill levels needed by an IT organisation to deliver against its’ objectives.

Functional, Process and Governance design
We work with IT and business leaders to develop and validate functional, process and governance models that can be aligned to the SFIA framework and other IT frameworks (COBIT, ITIL etc). These can include Collaboration and Engagement models and drive improved relationships, results and accountabilities across the business and within IT.

Organisation Design, Role Definition and Career Frameworks
We work with IT to design and implement new organisational structures that deliver against corporate objectives in a lean, commercial way building capability and agility. We then define role capabilities that support the organisation design and promote a common understanding of performance and career development through our design of a comprehensive career pathways model

Staff Assessment and Development
Litmus has developed a suit of assessment and development tools that enable organisations to assess staff competency against the SFIA framework and also allow employees to assess their own skills and development within the IT arena. This ensures the right people are in the right roles at the right time and allows for recruitment to be planned and the IT Operating Model to be sustained.

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