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Electricity and Gas

The energy industry is one of the last to undergo the major transformation required to shift it into the digital economy.  The political necessity of keeping energy prices low led to severe under-investment in infrastructure and sidelined important issues such as energy efficiency, the integration of renewable energy sources, and consumer tools to manage home energy use.

Today, all stakeholders realise that the industry must change. It is facing massive disruption to its business model through the requirement to reduce its fossil fuel use and the rise of increasingly viable, technology-based solutions to grid power (such as distributed generation).

How we can help

Litmus has been providing advice to the energy industry since 1998.  We help to optimise performance and improve competitiveness through initiatives that deliver cost efficiencies, improved revenue outcomes and more effective asset management.

We have worked with some of Australia's leading gas and electricity providers on smart grid/smart meter strategies, improved field force mobility, and management of large transformation projects.  We have also been involved in creating important thought leadership positions, including the development and rollout of the energy industry model.  

Our services include:

  • Strategy development
  • Procurement transformation
  • Customer value optimisation
  • Works and asset management efficiency
  • Business transformation
  • Social media.

Case Study

Litmus worked with one of Australia’s largest electricity distribution businesses to develop a vision of a Smart Grid enabled Network.  The future state definition of this ‘network of the future’ was aligned to corporate goals and the long term strategic plan.  Using a range of frameworks and tools specially adapted to Smart Grid visioning, Litmus was able to engage leaders from across the business in building a pragmatic and real strategy for the Smart Grid.

As part of this exercise, Litmus assessed the current state of the network, highlighting the gap to the potential future state.  Litmus then worked with stakeholders to develop a program of work, encompassing the full breadth of the organisation’s functionality, to assist in delivery of the final Smart Grid future.