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The customer is the most important element of any business model.  Yet only a small percentage of most companies’ capital investment, management time and attention is directly allocated to their customers’ needs.

Inefficient operating models, legacy technology systems, poorly developed incentives, and product complexities are just some of the reasons why most companies’ sales and customer service teams struggle to spend more than 50% of their time with customers.

Improving sales efficacy and your customers’ buying experience will generate strong financial and reputational benefits.

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Customer analytics and insights

Managing customer data is an immense challenge that is becoming more difficult as the advances in technology offer more possibilities and options. Understanding your customers’ behaviour is a major area of competitive advantage for the companies that can do it well.  

Aggregating all data to one source of truth – an integrated data management approach that enables a 360-degree view of your customers – and then using that one source to better meet your customers' needs will be an important factor for success in an age of consumer uncertainty.

Customer and product profitability

The complexity of the modern company’s products and its customers makes it difficult to measure customer and product profitability.  Organisational layers and the ambitions of various stakeholders further obfuscate the true financial position.  There's always a ‘strategic’ reason for prolonging the status quo.

Marketing effectiveness

Twenty years of research from 1985-2004 supports the idea that increasing your marketing spend does not drive value. On the contrary, the best-performing organisations reduced their marketing spend as a percentage of revenue and outperformed the Dow Jones Index by 80% and achieved 58% higher relative earnings.*

By undertaking a quantitative marketing effectiveness review you can reduce your relative marketing spend and increase revenue. It also helps you to rationalise media and trade spending, improve sales efficiency and create effective demand-pull systems.

Some of the critical questions that we can help answer include:

  • How do you refine your marketing mix to drive additional revenue without further financial investments?
  • Will a new product drive halo or cannibalism effects?
  • How do you go beyond demographic and lifestyle segmentation?
  • How will the category respond to new products?
  • How will the competition respond and how do we overcome/neutralise it?
  • Are there gaps in the product line-up and how can you best exploit them?
  • How do you identify customer insights based on research that is not being done by your competitors?
  • How does your online presence (or lack of) affect revenue?

* Research by Professor Jean Claude Larreche, Alfred Heineken Chair of Marketing, INSEAD. Based on the conduct and performance of well-known corporations among the world’s 1000 largest, covering a 20-year period from 1985 to 2004.

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