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People & Organisational Change

Realising strategic objectives is only possible through effective leadership that embeds change within the organisation.

Litmus can help you to develop and execute transformational business changes that bring together the people, process and technology aspects of your organisation.

We work collaboratively with you to fully understand everything that needs to change within your organisation to achieve business success. We can reduce your execution risk and help you to achieve your desired return on investment.

Our People and Organisational Change services

Transformational change
An organisation is a complex structure, subject to competing pressures and staffed by increasingly autonomous employees.  In this environment, the success of your business initiatives relies upon a comprehensive approach to people, processes, organisation and management change.  Our experience and proven approach will help manage your risk and achieve the desired business benefits.

Change leadership
The single biggest determinant of success for a business initiative is active and visible executive sponsorship.  We will guide you in understanding what’s going to happen, how it will affect your people and what your role is as a business leader during times of transformational change.

Organisational design

Is your business organised in the most efficient and effective way to achieve its objectives?  Taking both business strategy and process-driven perspectives, we will assess your organisational structure and determine how best to align it with your goals e.g. reduced cost, increased customer focus, reduced time to market, etc.

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