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Financial Management

Companies are searching for ways to maintain steady earnings growth in contracting markets.  Litmus works with clients to identify creative and insightful ways to maximise returns through the introduction of sustainable financial management initiatives.

Our Financial Management services

Asset management

Many businesses have frozen capital expenditure, which increases the pressure to maximise the return from existing key assets.

Litmus applies proven methodologies to provide structure and guidance across the full asset lifecycle. These practices allow our clients to clearly define assets to maximise their use and value.

Litmus has the expertise to investigate and analyse how key asset information is being captured and delivered to improve operating processes and practices, thereby driving returns on capital.

Cost reduction

Many organisations make the mistake of approaching cost reduction only from the perspective of expense management.  Litmus incorporates a more holistic approach that takes into account how our clients deploy their capital and the return they demand for their investments, shifting the cost curve through business improvement and increased productivity.

We use four guiding principles: optimise your capital; realise better business leverage; achieve better business alignment; and reduce your complexity.

Investment support and analysis

Large-scale investments require deep business, financial and analytical rigour to ensure the right level and quality of information is provided for sound decision making.  At Litmus we provide impartial investment advice to clients looking to embark on new business initiatives, technical projects or capital-intensive programs of work.  

Working capital optimisation

We work with our clients to design and implement solutions that optimise their working capital and free cash. We have delivered innovative solutions that have helped our clients to:

  • Reduce working capital deficits
  • Reduce end-of-year financial supply chain costs
  • Improve cash conversion cycles
  • Improve key financial ratios monitored by market analysts
  • Increase the overall transparency of financial and operational transactions.

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