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Agribusiness continues to be a key sector of the international economy.  We are currently seeing the mass globalisation of supply chains as Agribusiness organisations look to Asia to expand their market and provide growth opportunities.

Our clients face significant challenges to ensure they are ready for the growth that is forecast over the next two decades. There are considerable opportunities for those companies that are ready to embrace the change, though success in these conditions requires balancing sound business practices with agility and innovation to acquire new customers and markets. This means:

  • Ensuring your supply chains and business processes can support your growth plans
  • Your operations and transport costs enable you to compete profitably in global markets
  • Your staff have the skills to compete in an environment of increasing complexity, and
  • You are structured to deliver value to stakeholders.

How we can help

The Litmus team can draw on its global agribusiness industry expertise, proven methodologies and intellectual property.  We have helped clients to: improve their supply chain, adopt new productivity enhancing technologies and prepare for growth both at home and in the international markets and ultimately compete more effectively in the market to realise value for their stakeholders.

Our services include:

  • IT strategy, planning and optimisation
  • New product operating models and international market-entry strategies
  • Designing and implementing appropriate business operating models
  • Delivering business transformation projects
  • Shared services design
  • Cost reduction
  • Asset management, maintenance and field service optimisation (the High Reliability Organisation).


  • Energy & Utilities

    Energy and Water Utilities are industries undergoing massive transformation.  The energy industry beset by environmental and societal changes brought about the Climate Change and chronic underinvestment in infrastructure is also facing challenges of moving into the digital age.  Existing business models need to adapt to changing circumstances across the industry value chain.

    Similarly, the Water industry is subject to major reform with transformation of aging legacy systems an immediate focus.  Regulatory changes and an increasing focus on water conservation is driving new business models and approaches to managing water.  Like Electricity and Gas, Water is no longer viewed as simply a commodity product but rather as a critical and strategic asset that needs to be conserved.

    How we can help

    Litmus has been working in the Energy and Water Utilities industry for the past 14 years.  We have worked with a range of organisations across the energy value chain and a number of federal jurisdictions.  Litmus was one of the first consultancy firms to see the potential of mobility and field service devices working with Water utilities in Queensland and NSW.  Litmus was mapping the first field processes dealing with AMI in Victoria.  

    Currently, Litmus is driving the Smart Grid Agenda, mapping the industry transformation against the Smart Grid maturity model.

    Our services include:

    • Strategy development
    • Procurement transformation
    • Customer value optimisation
    • Works and asset management efficiency
    • Business transformation

    Social media

    Field force automation and mobility.

    Case Study

    The Litmus team was engaged by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) to create an Energy Industry Business Reference Model which would provide a consistent basis for describing the business functions as well as a common language across the industry.

    The model was developed using extensive industry consultation through a series of workshops in Sydney and Melbourne.  Over 60 particpants representing over 20 organisations contributed their time and expertise to develop the first release.

    The model serves as a foundation to create an Energy Industry IT roadmap which will assist in providing guidance on IT directions and investments.  The model is expected deliver operational efficiencies, improved industry collaboration and the foundation for new strategic initiatives within the industry.

  • Financial Services

    Australian financial services institutions have shown strength and resilience through a period of intense instability in the world financial system fuelled by debt and regulatory crises in Europe and the US.  Local consumers, wary of the world situation, have reduced their spending and debt and increased their savings, making institutions work harder for their revenue and profit growth.

    Longer-term strategic growth objectives will require: best of class cost structures; increasing cross-selling to the customer base; creation of competitive advantages; innovative, multi-channel products; taking best advantage of alternative sourcing arrangements; and significant boosts in IT efficiency and effectiveness and effective management of regulatory change.

    How we can help

    The Litmus Financial Services practice provides management consulting services to the banking, wealth management and superannuation, and insurance sectors.  We are ‘driven by value’ and work with clients to address their key strategic issues, such as:

    • Cost and performance improvement. Our Operating Model Framework identifies and executes cost reduction and operational excellence opportunities to drive margin improvements.
    • Revenue growth. We assist clients to create and capture value from product development and implementation, cross selling, and improved customer satisfaction and retention. M&A and joint ventures are also pivotal to drive revenue, particularly in new markets.
    • Regulatory change. Changes must be implemented in a way that protects reputation, takes advantage of competitive opportunities, and promotes an appropriate sustainable risk and compliance culture.

    Case Study

    Our Client devised a growth strategy to enter the market with a suite of direct superannuation, transition to retirement and pension products.  Litmus was engaged to design an operating model to support product sales through traditional Retail bank channels; with the middle and back office functions operated by the Wealth Business Unit.

    Using the Litmus Operating Model Framework we worked with the client to unlock the value of their product strategy by designing a low cost, high volume operating model to support the mass market customer value proposition.

  • Public Sector

    Governments at all levels are under constant pressure to provide better services to the community at a lower cost.  To meet this challenge, governments needs to:

    • Provide their services more efficiently online.
    • Run their back offices more efficiently.
    • Renovate their infrastructure, including ICT support for critical programs.
    • Implement whole-of-government efficiency programs – within a culture that does not always support sharing.

    How we can help

    The Litmus team sets a clear objective in any project with government: how can we make the business of government more efficient so that funds can be redirected to service delivery?

    To achieve this objective, we offer services for:

    • Strategic planning and implementation
    • Operational strategy 
    • IT strategy and performance
    • Enterprise resource planning advisory
    • Project design and implementation
    • Program delivery
    • Establishing and running Program Management Offices.

    Case study

    Litmus established a Program Management Office to manage a major state government reform program. This involved the development of a full portfolio management function for projects across several agencies, then the development of a full toolkit compliant with international standards to manage the execution of the reform program.

  • Defence
  • Travel, Transport & Logistics
  • Consumer, Retail and FMCG
  • Communications, Media and Technology
  • Mining and Natural Resources

    Unprecedented expansion of the mining and natural resources industries is fuelling the most significant period of economic growth in Australia’s history. Expansion creates challenges that need to be addressed, such as investment sources, cost containment, value extraction and revenue protection.

    How we can help

    The Litmus team of industry specialists assists mining and natural resources companies to unlock sustainable strategic value through improved operational effectiveness, efficiency and management of assets.

    • Our services include:
    • Supply chain optimisation
    • Benefits realisation
    • Total cost containment
    • Asset management
    • Procurement transformation
    • High reliability organisation achievement.

    Litmus was engaged by one of Australia’s leading mining organisations with a highly successful record in the development and management of world-class open cut and underground coal operations.

    The organisation was undertaking complete operational transformations. Litmus was engaged to drive value delivery across six mines and 10 work streams.  An operating value model was designed to unlock multi-billion-dollar additional value to the business.

    A total operating performance review at a mine site then provided the detailed roadmaps and value driver trees to deliver this value at a practical level.

  • Private Equity