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Energy and Water Utilities are industries undergoing massive transformation.  The energy industry beset by environmental and societal changes brought about the Climate Change and chronic underinvestment in infrastructure is also facing challenges of moving into the digital age.  Existing business models need to adapt to changing circumstances across the industry value chain.

Similarly, the Water industry is subject to major reform with transformation of aging legacy systems an immediate focus.  Regulatory changes and an increasing focus on water conservation is driving new business models and approaches to managing water.  Like Electricity and Gas, Water is no longer viewed as simply a commodity product but rather as a critical and strategic asset that needs to be conserved.

How we can help

Litmus has been working in the Energy and Water Utilities industry for the past 14 years.  We have worked with a range of organisations across the energy value chain and a number of federal jurisdictions.  Litmus was one of the first consultancy firms to see the potential of mobility and field service devices working with Water utilities in Queensland and NSW.  Litmus was mapping the first field processes dealing with AMI in Victoria.  

Currently, Litmus is driving the Smart Grid Agenda, mapping the industry transformation against the Smart Grid maturity model.

Our services include:

  • Strategy development
  • Procurement transformation
  • Customer value optimisation
  • Works and asset management efficiency
  • Business transformation

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Field force automation and mobility.

Case Study

The Litmus team was engaged by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) to create an Energy Industry Business Reference Model which would provide a consistent basis for describing the business functions as well as a common language across the industry.

The model was developed using extensive industry consultation through a series of workshops in Sydney and Melbourne.  Over 60 particpants representing over 20 organisations contributed their time and expertise to develop the first release.

The model serves as a foundation to create an Energy Industry IT roadmap which will assist in providing guidance on IT directions and investments.  The model is expected deliver operational efficiencies, improved industry collaboration and the foundation for new strategic initiatives within the industry.

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